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565net必赢:学术报告预告:Big-Data Oriented Advanced Computing in Data Center Networks

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报告题目:Big-Data Oriented Advanced Computing in Data Center Networks

报告人:沈鸿 国家特聘专家,中科院百人计划获得者



报告简介:Driven by the demands of explosive big data applications, efficient, reliable and secure computation orienting big-data analytics across geographically dispersed data centers is evolving to be a major paradigm for advanced computing. A data center network is composed of a dedicated center network (CN) of ultra-high bandwidth that interconnects multiple data centers, each containing a massive number of servers, and an edge network (EN) that connects the CN to edge servers through the Internet. While the CN provides high-performance distributed computing on an ultra-large scale in both parallelism and geographical span, the EN supports real-time data supply from heterogeneous sources of data collection, transmission and outsourcing, and as well as ubiquitous on-demand client access.

In this talk, I will first introduce the architecture and new features of big-data oriented advanced computing in data center networks, and discuss the current research status in different levels of the computing system in response to three big challenges - efficiency, reliability and security. I will then show the research opportunities in this forefront of advanced computing and communication by illustrating some relevant work done within my research group. Finally I will conclude the talk by displaying our on-going work and future research in this direction.


Hong Shen is a specially-appointed Professor in Sun Yat-sen University, China, and a tenured Professor (Chair of Computer Science) in the University of Adelaide, Australia. He received the B.Eng. degree from Beijing University of Science and Technology, M.Eng. degree from University of Science and Technology of China, Ph.Lic. and Ph.D. degrees from Abo Akademi University, Finland, all in Computer Science. He was Professor and Chair of the Computer Networks Laboratory in Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) during 2001-2006, and Professor of Computer Science at Griffith University, Australia, where he taught 9 years since 1992. With main research interests in parallel and distributed computing, algorithms, data mining, privacy preserving computing and high performance networks, he has led numerous research centers and projects in different countries. He has published 400+ papers including over 100 papers in major international journals such as a variety of IEEE and ACM transactions. Prof. Shen received many honors, awards, professorial and executive appointments, and served on different roles in professional societies, journal editorial boards and conference organizations.